This is a question I hear a lot and I usually respond by telling people what I do.

"I work with bridal couples to create beautiful moving memories on video so that they can share them with family and friends and enjoy them for years to come."

What does this mean for you and your wedding?

This means that you will receive a beautifully crafted wedding video and highlights film tailored to your wishes and reflecting the day you planned.  It will capture all the little details as well as the big events of the day. While you are the 'stars of the show' a wedding is also about your family and friends who love and support you and all their joy, laughter and tears are also captured throughout the day.

Just as a wedding photographer has specialist knowledge and equipment that allows them to create beautiful photographs, I have training in wedding videography, the right equipment and experience in filming weddings that is invaluable in creating a wedding video that 'tells your story' in a way that has you eager to watch it. 

Of course it's not just the filming on the day that is important, as much of the value of a wedding video lies in the time spent editing all the footage of the day - often from more than one camera -  into a film that you can enjoy over and over. For this I have state of the art video editing software and can spend upwards of 40 hours to create your very special film. As every couple and every wedding is different I strive to ensure the finished film reflects your style and your day.

To ensure your day runs smoothly and we are as unobtrusive as possible on the day, I meet with my couples before the wedding to go over the schedule of the day.  This gives you an opportunity to let me know of any special requests you may have, perhaps a special friend or relative you'd like featured, whether you want guests interviewed, any special shots you'd like to plan, etc. If possible I also attend any rehearsal and can visit your venues with you.

Your finished highlights film will be around 15 mins of the best moments of your day carefully and creatively edited to tell the story of your whole day with music of your choice and some natural sound.  This is provided in digital form so you can share on the internet and social media or download to a tablet or smartphone and always have it with you.  A copy on DVD is also provided.  The full length film is edited down to around 90 minutes again using creative video montages, natural sound and including ceremony (and speeches if wanted) in full.  So family and friends will not only enjoy your highlights film but be happy to watch the full length film too!

Of course I know weddings are expensive and everyone has a budget to meet but often the bride and groom are so busy and so emotional that it is hard to remember the day once it's over. 

Your day is special but preserving your memories of your special day is priceless.