Since my last blog and based on what couples want, I am planning on changing the options I offer.  The preferred option for most couples seems to be the short film, the teaser film and the ceremony and speeches/first dance separately.  This gives you a great film of 15-20 minute that you can watch over and over again, containing all the best bits from your wedding day and  including some natural sound with snippets from ceremony and speeches etc.  You can choose your own preferred music or I can suggest suitable choices for you.  The 1-2 minute teaser film will be available within a week of your wedding (up to 2 weeks at busy times) and gives a tantalising glimpse and reminder of your amazing day. The ceremony and speeches and/or first dance re included in full - lightly edited to make them more watchable - but ensures you get to enjoy reliving your vows etc in full. This is the package I now recommend to all my couples.

However occasionally couples prefer to have the ceremony and speeches included in a full length film which is usually up to 90 minutes long and so I can, if preferred, deliver the full length film together with  a 1-2 minute teaser as above.  Should you require the short film as well this incurs a lot of additional editing time and so will be an extra to this package.

Of course if you have any other specific requests I can usually accommodate them and would recommend getting in touch to schedule a personal consultation where I am happy to discuss other options.