So you've decided you'd like to have a video of your wedding day but you have no idea how to choose one from all the videographers out there.  What should you ask them? How do you know which one is right for you? 

You’ve probably already looked at many photographers and choosing your videographer is similar and can be summed up basically in 3 points

  1.  You need to like their style -  from the cinematic and dramatic to the reportage and documentary or a mixture of these, there is style that will suit you and one of the best ways to get an idea of what you’d like in your wedding video is to watch some online.  Do check whether you are watching a ‘showreel’ or actual edits as delivered to the client.  
  2.  You need to like them - you’ll be spending all day in their company and however discreet their filming you need to be confident that they will be sensitive to your needs and those of your guests
  3. It has to fit with your budget - but remember much of the value in a video is in the editing and a properly edited video that you enjoy watching and are proud to show your family and friends is of much greater value than a boring, poorly edited video that you watch once and put away, or that has you reaching for the fast forward button.
 I'll look at each of these things in a little more detail and suggest some questions you might want to ask before you make a decision, over the next few weeks.

Take a look at some of Tudor Rose Wedding Video's highlight short films here and feel free to compare them with those from other video companies.  If you like what you see then give me a call on 07984 515 729 or email me and we can discuss your requirements and see if we are right for each other.